Taproom Event Schedule


for reservations: pat@calabogiebrewing.com / 613-608-2739


March 16th - April 3rd - MARCH MADDNESS TOURNAMENT

Friday March 17th - Live Music with Josh MacFarlane & Tony Raybould

Friday March 24th - Live Music with Josh MacFarlane

Friday March 31rd - Live Music with Josh MacFarlane

April 3rd - !!! Something New coming on Tap !!!

Thursday April 13th - Magic Show from 7pm - 9pm



for reservations: tracy@calabogiebrewing.com / 613-752-2739


Tuesday March 14 - Open Tuesdays for the Season!

Friday March 17th - St. Patrick's Day

Saturday March 18th - Live Music with Emily Hass

Saturday March 25th - Live Music with Seafoam Valley

Saturday April 1st - Live Music with George Turcotte

Week of April 3rd - !!! Something New coming on tap !!!

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No Home Delivery July 1st

Orders will be delivered Friday, July 2nd.

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