Quality Commitment


Calabogie has made a strong commitment to quality with a wide range of in house lab equipment and testing capabilities to help ensure only the highest quality beer is released to the consumer. The following is a summary of the steps we have taken, thus far, to improve our Quality Assurance Best Practices.



Every batch of beer is checked for wild yeast and bacteria at the beginning of fermentation, after transferring to packaging tanks, and in package. Although wild yeast and bacteria is not harmful if consumed, it will change the flavour of the beer over time and so we take every measure to keep them out of our beer. 


The effectiveness of Cleaning In Place (CIP) procedures are ensured using an ATP Luminometer. If the ATP reading is out of specification, the CIP cycle is repeated. Titrations are completed weekly of our sanitizer and caustic strength to further ensure sanitation cycles are effective.


Beer is tasted during a weekly sensory panel where panelists taste beer from every batch produced, beer in process, pilot batches, shelf life samples, etc. This is taxing work, but brewery staff are more than willing to participate. 



In addition to microbiological and sensory testing, beer goes through multiple different checks through every stage of the process to ensure every batch of beer is the same every time. This includes temperature, density, pH, alcohol content, dissolved oxygen, carbonation, and yeast cell counts. Water, malt, hops, and yeast are all tested prior to use so that any adjustments can be made prior to brew day to ensure consistency. 


Every batch of beer is designated a lot number based on the brand name and the number of times that brand has been brewed. This lot number is present on every can and keg packaged, along with the date and location of packaging. The lot numbers of raw materials are also recorded on the brew sheets to maintain traceability. Samples are retained of each batch for 4 months so that any further testing can be completed in the case of a customer complaint. 


Confirmed by the following responsible representatives of the brewery:
General Manager: Tom Leger
Head Brewer & Quality Assurance Manager: Hugh Colbert

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