Great Things Are Brewing for Craft Beverage Brands in Ontario

Great Things Are Brewing for Craft Beverage Brands in Ontario

The owners of Whitewater Brewing Co. and Calabogie Brewing Company have joined forces to create Canada Beverage Marketplace, an innovative hub designed to empower Canadian craft beverage brands. Canada Beverage Marketplace is a Canadian-owned company focusing on creating an environment where these and other craft beverage brands can flourish.

Calabogie and Whitewater maintain their unique brands and locations and are run by the same great teams that have built the companies over the years. "We're excited to build this new framework for craft beverage brands in Canada. The confluence of these great brands under Canada Beverage Marketplace positions us for continued growth in Ontario and beyond," says Christopher Thompson, who serves as Co-CEO and President of Canada Beverage Marketplace Ltd., Whitewater, and Calabogie.  

 Both breweries got their start in rural pockets of Ontario, and by combining our strengths under Canada Beverage Marketplace, we will not only be able to continue supporting our local communities but also reach more people outside of Eastern Ontario. "The qualities and people that make these craft breweries successful and unique will be preserved and expanded upon. By harnessing Canada Beverage Marketplace's resources, our brands can continue innovating and creating even more value for our customers," adds Jeff Gibson, co-CEO of Canada Beverage Marketplace Ltd.

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