Tye's Pies! Meet Our New Chef Tye!

Tye's Pies! Meet Our New Chef Tye!

Meet Tye, our new head chef at the Kanata taproom!
Tye is experienced, talented and supremely passionate about great food.
Tye's revamping the Kanata taproom's menu this summer with innovative, delicious pairings, check out what he had to say!
Amanda: "What can you tell us about the new pizzas just released on the menu?"
Tye: "The pizzas are a culmination of my 15+ years in the restaurant industry. Some notable spots I’ve worked for: Fratelli, Pizza Nerds, The Cheshire Cat in Carp and Mati on Preston. I’ve worked for different pizzerias all over the city and have taken a bit of inspiration from each, and this is my take on what I think pizza should be.
We’re really trying to up our pizza game; my goal is to compete with some of the better pizza places in our area. I'd love to have a constant stream of takeout; people coming to the brewery for their pizzas to go because they know we’re providing truly thoughtful food."
Amanda: "What cuisine do you most enjoy cooking and why?"
Tye: "Definitely Italian cuisine. How I cook at home, and what I bring to the restaurant is very heavily Italian/Mediterranean."
Amanda: "What’s your favourite uncommon / unconventional pairing?"
Tye: "We use sour cream as the pizza base in the new Champion pizza - a lot of people don’t think of white sauce as a pizza base being sour cream. Although, otherwise, I feel like the pizzas I’m putting out are pretty conventional, they kind of hit a wide audience and are ready to please every taste."
Amanda: "What inspires you in the culinary world?"
Tye: "I’ve recently been inspired by competition cooking shows, like Iron Chef.
Watching Iron Chef lit a fire under my butt, watching people handle awesome ingredients at an extreme level and under pressure, it inspires me to explore and create new recipes.
Working in a brew house is also new and inspiring - being surrounded by beer is great - it makes me think about the food pairings more thoughtfully because creating the beer and brewing itself is very thoughtful."
Visit the Kanata taproom menu to see the 8 new pizzas on the menu!
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